Wade Boggs Career Strikeouts Overview

During Wade Boggs's 18-year Major League Baseball career, he had a lifetime total of 745 strikeouts, an average of 41 strikeouts per season. 1982 was his best season with 21 strikeouts and his worst season was 1990 when he had 68 strikeouts. Wade Boggs is middlin' tier compared to similar player cohorts career totals, not clearly beating or being beat by USA (305.465), Baby Boomers (386.416), mlb (314.894), 3B (328.923), and Y (769.398) player career averages. See the charts and graphs below that visualize this information in more detail.

Strikeouts (K) are outs recorded because the player at bat accumulates 3 strikes before putting the ball in play, is walked, or hit by a pitch. Strikes are accumlated by swinging and missing a pitch, not swinging at a pitch in the strike zone, or by hitting a foul ball. Foul ball strkes however are not counted for a third strike unless the foul results from a bunt or is a foul tip caught by the catcher. Generally, for Strikeouts, lower is better. (Source)

Wade Boggs Lifetime Strikeouts and Similar Stats

Stats similar to Strikeouts for Wade Boggs
Wade Boggs
Wade Boggs
Plate Appearance per Strikout
Season Avg.4115.13
162 Game Avg.4914.42
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Wade Boggs Strikeouts By Year Line Chart

This line chart shows Wade Boggs's yearly Strikeouts for each season of his Major League Baseball career. Also included, for comparison, are yearly player averages for MLB, Hall of Fame players, 3B, and players from their country of birth. For these groups, averages are calculated for each group's performance for the defined year.
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Wade Boggs Cumulative Strikeouts by Year

This line chart attempts to show show how Wade Boggs's career Strikeouts progressed by year. Each year on the chart represents Wade Boggs's career Strikeouts at the end of that season.
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Wade Boggs Strikeouts By Year Box Chart

This chart attempts to draw comparisons between Wade Boggs and related player groups by summarizing Strikeouts for each season played by Wade Boggs. The box represents the middle 50% of the data for each player with the line in the box being the median value. The whiskers represent the ranges for the top and bottom 25% of the data. Review the spread and medians to draw your conclusions!
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Wade Boggs Strikeouts Per Season Stats Table

This table shows Wade Boggs Strikeouts stats per season for his full MLB career with the aggregations’ sum, average, minimum, maximum, and median. Also included, for comparison, are season player averages for MLB, Hall of Fame players, 3B, and players from their country of birth. The comparisons are calculated for each group for each year of Wade Boggs career.

Note: "—" indicate there were no players for comparison for a specific year. Most commonly this happens for the hall of fame group where there may not have been a hall of famer playing that year.
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