Jeff's Bespoke Baseball Stats

Are you the type of person who is tired of spending hours aggregating Major League Baseball stats for your favorite player or team? Do you feel like comparing MLB stats for those players and teams is dominating your life? Are you compelled to take said stat comparisons, graph them, and print them onto a piece of paper? Do you want to wave them in front of your partner, children, or random people on the street yelling "I WAS RIGHT!!!" while providing no context. Well, my friend, do I have the website for you!

There are many good websites out there that provide stats in long boring, season-by-season tables. There is nothing wrong with this, and honestly, these other sites do it a lot better than I ever could. If you are looking for a specific player or team stat for a particular season, you can find it here it's just a bit different from your typical baseball stats website.

I often want to make comparisons which can be difficult with tabled data for a single player. Instead, I like to see charts showing performance over time. I like to see charts and data tables that compare players and teams to other players or teams. I'm also interested in comparing players to others in their cohorts. Do I think a player is better because I like them or is their performance better than the average for the cohorts? Much of this site is designed to help answer these questions.

Please enjoy and share anything you find interesting with your family, friends, and most importantly, rival fans.

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